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What is a Traffic Manager and why do you Need One?

Also known as, "web analytics and traffic acquisition specialist" or "partnership and web traffic management manager", the traffic manager working in a web agency is responsible for the management of the entire website, traffic generated by a website. He only works on the Internet. His skills are highly sought after by platform owners who generate significant traffic. This increasingly coveted function that is practiced on-site is today halfway between the Internet and advertising activities.

The job of a traffic manager - Data analysis

Data analysis is a very important aspect of the traffic manager profession. In general, this profile is of interest to agencies specializing in web marketing and SEO, advertising and communication agencies, advertising agencies, web agencies or simply companies, large or small, who wish to expand their activities on the Internet canvas.

The missions assigned to the specialist web analytics and acquisition of traffic

The role and missions of the traffic manager are much targeted:

  • It optimizes the use of traffic acquisition levers, in order to obtain quality traffic, maximize sales and recruit new prospects.
  • He also studies with great care the various online media, the traffic of Internet users as well as the frequentation of the sites.

To measure the audience of the site under his responsibility, he uses a variety of indicators, to name only the number of unique visitors, the page views or the number of clicks.

  • The Web Agency Traffic Manager also establishes a business strategy that will this time be applied to online activities.
  • It must also closely monitor the evolution of the web, ensuring a careful technological watch, learn about new products and services, monitor the behavior of Internet users, and most importantly, closely monitor the evolution and positioning of sites competitors.

The necessary skills

The function of traffic manager switches between the web and marketing. A traffic manager must master all levers of web marketing, including SEO techniques, e-mailing, display, affiliation or price comparisons, not to mention the languages used by all current browsers and algorithms set up at the search engine level. He must also be able to manipulate data analysis and advertising referencing tools, as well as data timing and database architecture techniques. This technical manager must also have a big vision on the various actions that need to be carried out. He must be able to react quickly and anticipate changes.

Place in the organization

The web traffic manager is often associated with the marketing department of a company. His position can also be at the web or e-commerce pole, as the case may be. He often collaborates with the social media manager, the community manager, the web developers, the SEO manager, and the operational managers. Since he works closely with the sales department and the technical section in a web agency, he has a transversal view of the business.

Today, we no longer have a website by a simple image. If this is still the case for some companies, most integrate it as part of a global digital strategy that must meet the challenges of the company: sell, generate incoming contact (and qualified), develop awareness, etc. As part of an e-commerce or more globally digital recruitment, companies will look for a profile able to manage the traffic of their website. It will have the mission to implement the levers of acquisition (SEO, Media planning, Social Media, emailing) to ensure the best traffic and meet the objectives of his employer.

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