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Tips for Web Design Success

The Plan

Don’t just design. You need to create a compelling idea that can meet the needs of your visitors. Map out your buyer’s journey thru it. Remember – “The only way out is the way through.” What is the concept, and which pages are they going to view? What offers will help you convert them to a loyal follower/buyer? You need to concentrate your leads through the sales funnel. Don’t concentrate on the final step, you need to concentrate on the next step. It’s all about answering the right questions in the correct order. This is where context comes into play. Try to make a little market research if you’re not a big company. Ask your customers which convert them for the visitor to a customer.

Remove the Following From Your Website

Certain elements always distract from the core message you’re trying to send to the world. Complicated boxes, animations, content that’s too long, stocky website images are just a few bullets on the list. With an audience that has an attention span of 8 seconds, you need to make that first impression big. It counts. Now it’s not always easy to get that main points across. This should be done with short, influential sections of content and applicable photographs/icons that are sectioned off by clear and concise headers.

Try not to use ambiguous or jargon terminology. It will confuse the user and muddy your content. Also, try to avoid some words that are already used by hundreds of companies like flexible, scalable, innovative, groundbreaking, easy to use, etc…

Include Follow Buttons and Social Share

Great content can’t go across if you aren’t giving your users the opportunity to share what you have. Don’t forget to add social buttons; you could be missing out a lot of social traffic that’s let’s say generated from people already reading your blog. If you’re new, social buttons contain icons of different social media website and allow you to share the page directly on the social media channel of your choice.  These buttons are adopted as a non-pushy tool that encourages social sharing from your buyer personas.

Implement Call to actions

Provide your visitors with some direction. Since they first land on your site, they will need some navigation. Call-to-action buttons are one of the many elements that help the user with the next step he/she should take on the page. Go thru your pages and start reading through the pages across your website. Are you finding most pages, even blog articles, with only a call-to-action for a demo/trial/consultation? Then,  you know what to do!


Navigation is always the key! It will show the user core places to visit. There’s nothing worse than a site with a disorganized or confusing navigation interface.  When improving, do a quick survey so the visitors can find what they’re looking for without a headache. Remember that if the user cannot find what they’re looking for, they have no reason to stay on your site!

They will bounce and find a competitor that offers a better user experience. Be that guy!

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