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Things You Need To Know About Business Card Design


Business Card Design

Make it Readable

Small text can be presented as readable, but it turns into smudge when it's printed. Don't go smaller than 8pt; it's a general rule of thumb. Don't forget about the font, keep it simple and professional, don't use Comic Sans or similar font. Many people make mistakes and put some beautiful calligraphic font which is very hard to read and decipher.

Chose a design that fits you

Always choose design elements and that are associated with your business.

For example, If you are specialize working with tile and stones, you may include a photo of your work to showcase your area of expertise. Let your customers know if you are the most affordable solution around or are you offering upscale service, with the choice of finish and paper stock. IT defines your niche. Your choice can suggest your business that's been there for some time, or you're a fresh and new entrepreneur.

Add a special touch

Include some extra detail with raised print or metallic finishes or a catchy card shape. Your customers will notice that your card is standing out. Bright colors (when used correctly) can stand out. This tactic is often used by creative businesses. They are distinctive, exciting and original. But sometimes simplicity is everything you need to make a mark.

Visual content and color Choice

Save you space on the card for something authentic and visible. Perhaps, something relatable to your business or some product related to a brand. Put your company logo on the back. It's often claimed that people don't look at the end of the card, but remember how often did you flip it over to check something.

Include company colors on your card. Of course, if you don't have a color scheme that defines your brand, then you need to be careful. When in doubt, use complementary colors instead of clashing colors, sometimes it can be cool, but in most cases, it looks tacky and unprofessional.

Try out unusual materials

If you want to get a little more creative, you can print onto all sorts of materials, including transparent plastics, wood, metals and even slate. Don't forget the primary use of the cards, they need to be portable and find an easy way into pocket or briefcase, but try to be creative with the choice of stock materials.

Make it useful

Paper is everywhere today. Some people today recycle the paper as the first opportunity arises. To avoid that scenario, Make your business card work as more than a merely calling card. Incorporate function as well as form, and ensure they survive longer than a regular business card. Example, a business card that acts as a little armchair for your phone.

If in doubt, talk to a designer

30 minutes talk with someone who is experienced in this field, can be a game changer. The designer knows how to make elements more presentable to customers. It's important to make sure images are the right resolution, and text fields are of an optimal size for readability. Don't hesitate, call us.

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