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The Future of SEO

You’ve probably heard the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and chances are you probably have some general understanding of what it is. SEO is ever-changing; just when you think you have it figured out—Google and other search engines change their algorithms and completely throw your current strategy to the wayside. Even though you might think you know the basics of SEO, here are a few important tidbits of information for SEO in 2015.

  1. Less Keywords, More Quality Content. For the past few years, many marketers have been creating sites chock-full of keywords in hopes of increasing their rankings. While this might have been useful in the past, search engines have gotten smarter and keywords are no longer the golden ticket to SEO success. This year, marketers will be more focused on ROI metrics rather than site ranking on specific keywords.
  2. Earning Quality Links. Inbound links can be very helpful with regards to SEO. SEO experts say that having one inbound link on a high quality site is much more valuable than having a large quantity of inbound links on lower to middle quality sites. In 2015, the push will be to focus on quality more than quantity.
  3. Search Engines Besides Google. While Google is still the top ranked search engine, other search engines are likely to gain more traction in 2015. Firefox no longer uses Google as their default search engine; it is now Yahoo. Google’s contract with Safari is expired and Bing is trying to secure the spot as Safari’s default search engine. With other search engines increasing their share of the market, marketers will now need to optimize for all search engine sites—not just Google.
  4. Optimize for Mobile Users. Mobile searches are expected to surpass desktop searches in 2015. Google and Bing have both said that having a responsive website aids in search ranking. In 2015, every major site and even smaller traffic sites should be responsive. Is your website mobile-friendly? Google can tell you if it is or  if it is not here. If you haven’t made t
    he move to a responsive site, it’s time.

SEO is constantly evolving and what’s important to search engines this year, might be irrelevant by next year. Make sure to keep yourself informed on the current SEO trends so that your website can stay ahead of the curve and reach your intended audience.

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