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5 Online Marketing Trends to Watch For In 2015

You know that your consumers are online. Your business’ online presence is more important than ever, and will continue to be even more so in 2015. Here are five online marketing trends projected to gain traction this year.

  1. Content Marketing is More Important than Ever

Content marketing was on the rise in 2014 and has proven very effective in developing rapport with consumers. Consequently, producing relevant and compelling content is expected to be more important than ever in 2015. Marketers are expected to shift funds from PPC, social media, and SEO, and allocate more towards content marketing. One of the biggest struggles marketers face is making their content stand out amongst all of the content fighting for the same attention. Quality content is key. While many businesses write their own content, the demand for professional content writers is expected to increase this year as marketers strive to set themselves apart.

  1. Mobile Optimization

As we enter 2015, the number of people who access the internet via mobile devices is rising daily. People use their phones all throughout the day, allowing marketing messages to reach them more often and in various contexts. While website responsiveness and mobile apps were a significant push for many businesses in 2014, 2015 will move mobile strategies to be even more focused.

Google has placed emphasis on the importance of mobile sites by stating that mobile usability is “relevant for optimal search results.” Google penalizes sites who give users errors when visiting on a mobile device. Because mobile usability has become a factor in search ranking, it should be a high priority. Complete mobile optimization includes a responsive website, mobile ads, and separate content specifically crafted for mobile users. It is predicted that this year, marketers will push for mobile optimization.

  1. Microtargeting and Hyper-segmentation

There is a wealth of consumer data online—through the use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, consumers present a storehouse of information to marketers. This information aids in microtargeting and hyper-segmentation. Microtargeting allows marketers to relay their messages to a very specific and specialized group of consumers within specific demographics. In 2015, it is predicted that marketers will use this data to closely target consumers. Research has shown that targeted advertisements are twice as effective as their non-targeted counterparts.This year, marketers will use these techniques to make their advertising messages more efficient and effective.

  1. Humanized and Personal

People want to interact with brands on a human-level. In 2015, businesses will push to interact with consumers on a personal and individual level. Brands will increase their engagement with social media followers and relay messages that have less professional lingo and more every day speak. Brands that are able to develop relationships with their fans will see increased conversion rates and brand loyalty.

  1. Increased Marketing Spend Online

People are on the internet all day long—whether at work, home, school, or out running errands, most consumers have and use the internet. Consequently, more and more advertising dollars will be put toward reaching consumers through this ever-present medium. Marketers know that they can reach consumers online, and target more specifically, therefore have less marketing waste through online advertising. Internet advertising is here to stay and will continue to increase in 2015.

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