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SEO Trends for 2019

Corporate giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook continue to invest time, money and energy into the development of their algorithms. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends are always evolving. Meanwhile, e-commerce businesses are already developing SEO marketing strategies, but they need to adapt to new wave if they want to stay relevant on the prospective markets. Make one mistake, and you could impact your business very negatively.

That’s one of the reasons why it’s essential to maintain a firm grasp on the latest e-commerce SEO trends as they emerge so you can leverage them as they slowly become trends in 2019.

Voice Search

While most people slept during the period voice search became a trend, some entrepreneurs were already advising business owners to hop on these platforms. Alexa, Cortana, and Siri are becoming an important part of our daily experience, as now you can interact with them on your phone, car or at home. You’re one of the early adopters of these technologies you’ve already starting to reap the benefits. When you use voice search, most searches are in the form of questions, not disconnected phrases. Example. Rather than saying “Fall jacket Washington.” Most users will search “Where can I find a jacket for the fall season in Washington?” Therefore, it is essential to structure your website content in such a way that it answers your potential customers’ questions, incorporate trigger words (e.g., what, how, best, etc.) and avoids flatly feeding in keywords. Currently, Google, rank snippet as a zero-result and it places it higher than any other search result in a query. Remember to include the most relevant keywords in the page URL, title and an H1 tag. When using a voice search people often tend to place a query in the way they speak in their day-to-day life, so Google shows around 70% of voice searches in natural language.


Rankings are high, but conversions money on the table. Link-building should not be done just for SEO purposes; it will get you referral traffic, which is the backbone of SEO. It will create a relationship between the owners and bloggers that are in your niche. The quality of your relationships can determine the quality of your brand! By creating a strategy, you can boost your brand profile and generate more links. You can also want to leverage link-building campaigns to artificial intelligence technology(AI).


The blockchain is making and will make a revolution in the next year or two. The blockchain is making middleman or the salesman irrelevant, so it is a feared word in today's industries. So, decentralization and democratization of the internet, making transactions and pieces of information public and secure, how will this affect SEO? Well, Google will no longer hold all the power. Most companies will pay ads to Google, and they always trusted Google to connect them with the appropriate sources. With the blockchain the transactions are safe and guaranteed, so more and more companies will do the web business directly p2p. Blockchain will also reduce the click fraud.

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