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SEO Backlinking Strategies

When we’re talking about backlinks, it’s a simple term meaning we are using the reference of another web page to your web page.

“Outbound” links or outgoing are links from your page. Backlinks are also called inbound links (IBL), and sometimes these links are essential in determining the importance and popularity of your website for search engines.

When to build backlinks?

Well, the optimized site makes your backlinks useful, so it means you don’t need so much to achieve your desired result.  On the other hand that can save you time and money! You need to cover a bunch of stuff like fixing all technical issues, and User Experience issues (UX) and UX is correlated to SEO performance. Don’t try to speed thru this process, cause you will need to go back to it later like fixing the foundation of the new building. Its manageable money equals time.

Here are some UX issues that you need to look for related to SEO:

  •    Site Loading Speed
  •    Mobile SEO
  •    Duplicate content
  •    Canonical Errors
  •    Duplicate Meta Data
  •    Incorrect directives (nofolllow, noindex, etc.)

There are problems with redirecting chains. If you have Page A, B, C and you try to redirect from A to B to C, B page is acting as a buffer between A and a final destination C. This is called 301 redirecting and you fix it when you link from A to C, and A to B not A to B to C.

Google Penguin changed the way we use Backlinks in SEO cause you could manage to rank by adding more and more links. The Google Penguin Spam Filter is now part of Google’s Core Algorithm and works in real time. Google said links are the no. 1 factor alongside with high content.

Can a website rank without backlinks?

Nope. We are sure that the site cannot rank without inbound links.

Why are links so important?

  •    Google’s #1 ranking factor
  •    Links point to quality content
  •    Links are an essential part of the Web
  •    It would be unnatural to find a website without backlinks
  •    Google through links discovers your website

The best link analysis tools are:

  •    Ahrefs
  •    Majestic
  •    Open Site Explorer

Link quality

Third party metrics as Domain Rating(Ahrefs), Trust Flow(Majestic) and Domain Authority(Moz) can all be manipulated. Some sites can appear to be “Authoritative” on the surface, but it can be dangerous if you dig deeper. All the tool above can help you. There are also Sharpstat, Yext Birdseye and much more tools for reviews, citations, listings.

Traffic for B2B Websites makes a crossover between digital and live marketing. If you are a B2B company with investment strategy, then backlinking strategy could work for you. Sponsoring a conference will cost you, but it’s a great way how to get backlinks from high-authority sites. So this is an excellent way to mix live marketing with the digital. You don’t know how many backlinks you will get from other websites that mention or cover the conference.

You can use all kind of unusual approaches depending on the niche.

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