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Is Personal Branding for Executives Important?

Names like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg  Are discussed in most of the household all around the world.

The importance of social media, live streaming videos, and the rising popularity of entrepreneurship have turned executives into icons, just like movie stars or athletes. One of the advantages of the digital age is that you can start building a personal brand and become well-known even outside your industry.  Most companies don’t understand the value of the brand, so they have the different approach. You should create the opportunity for yourself. Here are a few good reasons why building a personal brand is important for an executive at your company.

Talent Acquisition

Having a quality brand resonates with higher-quality talent. It’s just easier to attract quality thru quality. If you are the notable leader in your industry, it will be easier for you to fill open positions, you will advance and get better over time. Also, you will gain smarter and faster people in those positions too. People will try hard for the opportunity to be mentored by you, or to be a part of the team with you. Just one notable executive can change the game! Imagine what would happen if your executive is well known within your industry. You’d have a pill of people waiting at your door to ask if they can work for your company.

Brand Awareness for you and your company

Once you gain attention under your brand, you will start to get all kind of requests that will help you spread the word about your company also. It’s a win-win situation. Team buildings, Interviews, public speeches, media presence, etc. Things will start to roll in one direction where you can present your story and the company’s story. Share your expertise around the industry.

If you start writing quality blog posts (in your executive team) and put around $2000 in marketing you couldn’t recognize your company a year from now. People like to read about personal experience and how’d it help the growth. If you applied just this simple strategy, you would see tremendous results within a year!

Respect in the Industry

As you would gain more respect thru the industry, the overall perception of your company would be much higher. It’s not just about the industry, you will be also more respected in the company, and you will have more influence on the essential topics.

The positive revenue stream is a good stream. The great approach toward this topic is that you can ask within the company would they fund marketing for your brand. Creating content is a must in this game. Whether it’s a vlog, blog, facebook posts or tweet there’s an opportunity to talk with people and generate organic leads for your company.

Job security

If you have established the brand as an executive, the company will value that. Generating more leads and revenue will give you leverage over businesses. If the company have to make one person go in the executive team, who do you think is more likely to be packing his desk?


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