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Increase Brand Awareness with Brand Stickers

The appeal of the sticker

They are awesome. They’re affordable, fun and you can put them anywhere you like. You can put almost every graphic idea on it- logo, photograph, web address, a cool illustration. They’re also great for labeling and organizing.

Here are a few ideas that can help you creatively increase your brand awareness:

Get a logo and put it on a sticker!

You’re ready to get out in the world with your mark. If you’re planning a guerilla marketing, you should brand everything in sight. It’s one of the great ways to spread the word about your business.

Mailing  Stickers

They are great. You can use rectangle kiss-cut stickers as mailing stickers. Add “Urgent” or “Priority” to their package. They also make great return labels, add your logo and address.

Filing Labels

Create your labels to stick out in the world, no more scribbling out the old title. Make a new label, pop it over the top and write on the original content. They’ll look professional and keep everything nice and tidy.

Product packaging

Circular stickers are perfect for sealing wrapping paper. They add a little bit of personalization that will make your packaging stand out. Adding it to gift boxes can add to your brand awareness and also look professional. Rember, rectangle ones are great for labels for jam!

Give them to your customers

Your customer will always remember you if you find a place to incorporate them. Everyone loves stickers. Give them out with orders, mail outs, invoices. You should make a few designs so the customers can pick up their favorite.They’ll see it numerous times thru the day. It’s always a good idea for giving it out at events, exhibitions, launches, and other manifestations.

Don’t forget to say- Good Job!

Everyone loves the right word. Behavior and motivational merit stickers will always stand out. Encourage customer’s attendance and punctuality by awarding them. You can make different prizes for 100% attendance in a month or a week. Giving and sharing is always special. Giving a boost by adding stickers to a chart for full marks in a test, or outstanding employee of the month!

Name tags

If you’re hosting or somehow working on an important event or exhibition, this is a way to go. Give everyone rectangular stickers displaying their name alongside your logo and organization. You can help people connect at the same time by knowing who’s who. Now they’ll remember your name as well as your ideas. Stickers can be turned to files and templates and added you your brand demands system just like any other product. You should consider whether they should be generic or personalized.

We can help you with the rest. Innovation is just a part of the product placement. The way people will recognize your brand is one of the team’s specialty. Considering today’s oversaturation in the market, you should always strive for the most innovative placement, besides the product. Only then, you will have a chance to emerge in the big league!


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