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Importance of Social Media in Brand Marketing

Social media is the term that’s becoming a part of modern culture and aspiring tool for your company’s personality. Many new users are making social media an essential part of their marketing strategy. Worldwide users of social media have grown from 2.1 billion to 2.5 billion from 2015 to 2018. The easiest way to establish your brand with the tone of voice and shareable opinion is to use this modern tool.

Has a new fashion campaign released? Let your followers know what you have prepared!

Let your potential clients know that they’re dealing with humans rather than just a company. Social media will also help you start an exciting media feed that can help you understand the customers and the market way better than thru numbers and statistics. Another way to get noticed is to vary your post formats. Understanding the potential of the brand is the key, and you need to determine the best approach with your team.

Types of videos:

360 videos- this is the newest video format on social media. This can be effective in grabbing the people ’s attention.

Go-Pro style videos – it’s great for the audience to immerse themselves into the content. It’s a fast-paced approach full of energy. Brands in extreme sports are using this approach to help the audience grab some POV (Point of view) action with their sportsman.

Carousel Posts- These type of posts are high if you want to include several different links in one post.

Cinemagraphs- They are perfect for catching the intention of the viewer. The detail and the saturation are defining this type of videos.

GIFs- Can be used for entertaining content and can also help your Twitter feed, as they offer something exciting and different rather than just a flat image!

Collages- Displaying more images at once. From typography thru typologies, these can work great at social-sphere.

You can’t use the same approach to all of the social media platforms.  You can’t make the off-topic post on LinkedIn. Always write with your audience in mind and their interest.

  Targeting the right people

Before you start developing your brand awareness on social media, you should do market research. This can be beneficial when it comes to developing relevant relationships. If you are targeting the right people, it gives you the opportunity to provide them with an exceptional customer service experience, and that means brand loyalty!

Facebook or facebook products -(FB, WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram) 93% of users aged 16-24

Twitter – 29% of users are age 16-24

Google+ -27% of users are 16-24

Instagram- 56% of active users are 16-24

Track your competitors

It’s always smart to monitor your competitors. Make yourself relevant in the social media game, and try to use your competitors' mistakes as your advantages. You have many tools available online and teams that will research competitor’s market. Some of the brand use utterly different approach a U-turn.

Sharing your expertise presents yourself as a thought leader within your industry.

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