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Importance of Facebook Boost Option

When you own a Facebook page, whether it’s for a business, brand, band,what have you, there’s always an option to boost your posts. Many people ignore this boost option, more so because it seems like a waste of money, or at least that’s what they’ve been told. While it can be a waste of money if not used properly, the boost option in itself is an amazing tool when it comes to bringing traffic to your page. Traffic is vital to gaining customers and expanding in general. Therefore, it’s a must to understand the importance of the Facebook boost option.

What is a Facebook Boost?

No matter what type of post you make on a Facebook page, Facebook will put a boost option with it. This option can only be seen by page admins, editors, etc. It’s usually signified by a bright blue button that actually says the word “boost.” When you choose to boost a post, this option isn’t for multiple posts at once, only for a single post. You can boost multiple posts at once but, each boost you setup is for a single post. A boost is simply increasing traffic to that specific post.

What Does a Facebook Boost Do?

A Facebook boost allows you to reach a very specific group of people. When setting up a boost, you can select an age range, specific geographical areas, those who like certain pages, etc. You can get pretty specific on who you want the post to be boosted to. This allows your post to be seen by those who wouldn’t normally see it. In other words, you can reach potential customers and ensure that your post is being seen by those who match the parameters of your average customer profile. Further, it allows your reach of that post to go far beyond what it would on its own, organically.

At its lowest cost, a boost has a minimum of a dollar a day. However, you can choose your budget based on the money you want to put into it. Of course, the more you pay, the more you get. Although, even at a dollar a day, the increase in reach to a certain post can be quite a jump. For example, say you decide to run the boost for a week at a dollar a day. Your reach can still be in the thousands, even as a brand new business with only a couple hundred likes.

This is why the Facebook boost option is so important. It gives a very simple way to advertise your business, for a very small dollar amount, with the potential for a huge return. In business, the return on investment is one of the most important aspects to be aware of. The Facebook boost option takes a couple of dollars and places your page/post in front of thousands of people with the potential to be your customer/fan/follower. This makes it an invaluable tool for any Facebook page.

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