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How Your Business Can Benefit From Brand Positioning?

First, some may wonder what the hey is “brand positioning” (BP)? This concept first came into existence back in the 1960s when two rather successful Madison Avenue ad executives wrote a highly influential little book entitled “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind”. In this book, they built their case for establishing a key feature or benefit for a company that, through the wonder of advertising, would become closely associated with that business in the minds of consumers, helping turn them into loyal customers.

A prime example would be good ol’ FedEx who built an overnight shipping empire based on when a package “absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.” Brand positioning will It will help your business in infinite ways when it comes to marketing and sales. Here is a list of the seven big ones we’ve noticed so far.

You find your position in the marketplace: 

The whole point of brand positioning is to find out what challenges exist in your industry and how is your company uniquely capable of resolving them?

Separates you from the competitors: 

Think of it this way, BP answers a crucial question for your customers—why they should pick your company over the others.

It’s a sales funnel: 

Whether large or small, from major industry to your business. Because of this, it’s valuable to rethink your website layout or content strategy to improve sales.

It creates top-notch content:

The content you and your marketing company can always refer to when you need something to post to your website, blog, Facebook, Friendster or whatever form of social media your business can use.

It compiles valuable statistics to learn from: 

You compile important insights into market demographics that your business can continue to refer to again and again.

Solidifies your brand for the better: 

Knowing the answers to all of the valuable questions above promotes consistency of your brand, which in turn boosts the confidence with which your brand interacts with the world and grows.

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