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How To Make Your Design Stand Out?



Whether you’re a designer or not, you want to have the best design possible for your business. Something that can really stand out and attract the passersby.  Some will think, “How did they know which fonts to use? Why do those colors look so good together? Why does it make me want to buy everything I can from them!?”. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to design, but most folks don’t know the questions they should be asking when coming up with a design. If you’ve got a designer who’s creating your graphics, then awesome! But if you’re like thousands of small business owners without a personal designer, then it can be pretty tough. But fret not, ask yourselves these questions when plotting out that grand design of yours!


Does it have a focal point?

Every design needs something that attracts the client's eye and pulls them in, a focal point serves this purpose. Whether it’s an image or graphic, a headline or promotion, or other text/lettering; You can’t emphasize every part of your design, so you need to decide what’s most important. That image or piece of information — your focal point — should stand out the most at first glance. You can draw attention to this focal point by focusing on its size, shape, direction, position, color, texture.

Is it balanced?

Don’t torture your viewers and make them want to straighten a crooked picture. Symmetry is the key component to a balanced design. The human brain finds symmetry attractive, but besides being aesthetically pleasing, a balanced design also has a practical purpose: it helps you establish a hierarchy for your layout and prioritize your content. So turn clients on and not off with good balance.

Is your text readable?

If no one can read the text on your design, then that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? You don’t want people squinting, trying to find your phone number or read an address. You can accidentally make your text hard to read in a number of ways. So always make sure to choose accordingly to size, color & contrast, and style.

Is the color scheme harmonious?

Colors can have emotional, psychological, and cultural impacts on the human subconscious. When combining different colors, they should be harmonious when brought together. Barring a specific, intentional purpose, you want to avoid colors that clash badly or using too many colors all at once.

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