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How To Maintain Your Companies Identity?

It is critical that you have clear goals that are determined by your business plan before you start adopting new strategies. Be ensured it is coordinated with your plans.  Lack of Identity can have a negative impact on your business. A lack of consistency in branding, planning, managing may be easily noticed when you start with your company. Don't let this have a negative impact on your plans. When employees lose faith in the company, that means something got wrong with disjointed brand identity, and it causes distrust among customers.

First of all, people around you need to understand why does something like Identity matters. You can achieve this by holding a meeting or a conference where the significance of the question can be explained.  What is the promise to the end user? How do we achieve it? Example. Potential- let's try to make a niche for ourselves and make a position for our company as the alternative for more mature companies.

The message must be Consistent

Should our firm use humor or we want to appeal to the serious audience?

If the brand uses one tone on some platform and makes a complete turn on another platform, customers may lose their trust in it. One way of creating a stable picture of yourself is to maintain a consistent tone across all platforms. This is especially required in products that needed a high degree of trust. Like Financial services.

The Logo

Place the Logo everywhere. It is an excellent way for a company to maintain brand consistency. Use the same logo for every marketing campaign. The same color scheme should be present. Business cards, adds stationery and possibly the uniforms of staff members. It's a free form of advertising.

Today, in social media game is changed. Many companies that wouldn't take the change and adaptation were out of the game.

Ensure that media account is firmly control and adequately updated.

That way, you will be "Brand" that cares about your image.

The Brand

Many valuable brands have survived because of their ability to adapt and to make subtle changes. A company should not be afraid of changes. However, the changes need to be made uniformly across all platforms. That way you can avoid confusion among the customers.


Trying to get everyone's attention can make the company directionless.  Everything that communicates with the audience must be created with precise targeting in mind.

A brand can target influencers of the target group. That means, a game company will focus kids, who will influence their parents to buy the games!

Create a brand guide and circulate it

Every business, small or big, should have a complete brand guide with these sections:

  •    Brand mission
  •    Logo usage
  •    Voice and tone
  •    Fonts and typography
  •    Media formatting
  •    Photography and graphic styles
  •     Iconography
  •    Value propositions and differentiators


Branding should be a topic of organization, not just marketing team and the designers.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”  - Jeff Bezos

Visual identity and branding are two terms that are often used to describe the process of creating a brand for your business. However, the two words have the different meaning. A visual identity is just the part of the brand to evoke the particular feelings in the visual aspect.

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