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How to Create Authenticity on Social Media

In this day and age, people thrive for connections and authenticity. They don’t want to support something, or someone, that might be fake or disconnected. People want to know what they’re supporting and the people behind what they’re supporting as well. However, how can a business be authentic and connect with people over social media? That can be a tough one to figure out. However, it’s not as difficult as it might sound.

Have a Consistent Voice

When talking about having a voice, it’s how you respond to people, the way you state things in your posts, etc. There’s a specific voice people talk with and it can be obvious when that’s always changing or when it’s not the same person. Try to be consistent with a voice, like a personality shining through your posts and interactions with people. This is one of the biggest ways to be authentic because people connect with other people’s personalities, even if it’s over social media and not in person. Give your customers and followers something they can rely on or expect by being a consistent voice.

Be Honest

If you accidentally put out a product that was defective, be honest about it, and own up to your mistake. Of course, not everyone will let you off the hook and trust you again. However, a good majority of people know that mistakes happen. If you try to deny something and not be honest about it, people will take note of this and you’ll lose customers and trust. Be honest in everything, including prices, sales, ingredients, whatever it might be. Being open and honest about you and your brand is definitely one of the top ways to be authentic with customers.

Don’t Trick People

One of the most common ways to trick people is by providing clickbait titles or links. Even though someone might get sucked in, they’ll realize they were sucked in and lose respect for your posts/business/brand. Don’t resort to cheap tricks in order to draw people in, traffic wise. Post pertinent, quality content that match your audience. Don’t have automatic replies that make people feel put off, either.

Know Your Audience

The best way to be authentic is by getting to know your audience. When you get to know your audience, it allows you to better speak their language. In other words, you can post at the best times for them, you can tweak your content to best fit their preferences, etc. Your audience will notice this and respond to it positively. It’s like getting to know a significant other. Once you do, it makes the relationship stronger and more connected. The same goes for your social media presence.

Overall, just be real with people. Of course, always remain professional but, you don’t have to be a robot and be stuffy in order to remain professional. Connect with people and they’ll connect back. Let people know they’re valued and not just another number or dollar sign and they’ll support you just as much.

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