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Email Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

Every business has downfalls. It’s always better to learn from your mistakes than to look in the past. Sometimes, you can even learn from other’s people’s mistakes.

Here are a few marketing mistakes other people already made, so you don’t have to follow the same example:

  1.    Sending emails with non- defined address

Your recipients are using filters, and most of the emails are getting tossed in the trash without a  “blink of an eye.” People are extra cautious these days about inbox and specific senders. Be sure to use the recognizable name and email address in the “From” field. Make it easy for recipients to see who you are.

You can use the name of the company or your name (or both). Make sure that “Reply-To” address works. Using a no-reply address is like telling your customers that you don’t care about what they have to say!

Using a no-reply address can be toxic to your business. It’s like telling your customer that you don’t care about what they have to say.

  1.    Using long subject lines

It should be appealing, consist and brief since it is one of the most important assets you have to boost your open rate. Try not to use more than 50 characters. If you use longer subject lines, you risk the chance it’ll be cut off in most email clients. If you target platforms like mobile audience stick to a maximum of 20 characters.

Use preheader (or email snippet) wise. This is the first text that’s displayed underneath or next to the subject line.  Example: “Unable to open this mail?” – you can do better.

  1. Asking too much information of your recipients

Don’t use more than one call to action (CTA) in your emails, no matter of temptation.  Many customers won’t go further than one call to action button. It can be too confusing for your recipients to decide which link they’re going to click. There are fantastic tools that can help you track your emailings’ click-through rates, and even check statistics of the open emails like Yesware! Never write a URL in your email! The software will code your hyperlinks, creating a difference between the real URL and the one you’ve written out in your email.

  1.       Ignoring your mobile readers

During 2012 the amount of mobile online traffic was twelve times the size of the total internet traffic in 2000. Mobile data is still important. More and more companies are preparing their site for mobile visitors, only a few are preparing email strategies for phones. Around 38 percent of all emails are opened on a mobile device. So it’s evident that the mobile phone is the most popular medium for reading emails. Make sure your email package is suitable for all devices.

  1.    Ignoring Opt-outs

You must get to the bottom of the problem why people sign off for your emails. It’s an important part of the marketing cycle. What is the send frequently? The content? Crowd? Relevancy? It looks you have a job to do!

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