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What Is Digital Presence Management?


Every year the number of consumers searching the internet for information grows more and more. With smartphones and tablets to aid in online searching, it’s said that over 4 million search queries happen per minute from 2.4 billion global internet users all looking for information. Not only that but the data the internet holds doubles as well. So imagine if you’re someone with a business who’s trying to get noticed on the internet, you can feel like a small fish in a vast ocean. How can anyone ever search for you online and find you with all the others out there?

DPM   (Digital Presence Management)

Most businesses, especially smaller growing ones, turn to Digital Presence Management (DPM). DPM is the process of marketing any brand in an online space. If a brand visible and available online and traffic can be drawn to it, it’s DPM that gets it there. This can include but is not limited to, website design and development, social media presence, blogs, the use of search engine optimization (SEO), local searches, pay-per-click market, email marketing, etc.

Think of one’s website as a digital storefront for their organization, so maximizing the site’s performance and digital presence helps to make it shine and grab the attention of as many online consumer searches and capture an even greater share of the market. There are companies who can design and configure DPM layouts for businesses or the owner can always study up to be their own marketing, advertising, and public relations department. Either way, it takes a comprehensive set of tools with a good strategy to help boost a company’s online presence and turn their site’s visitors into qualified sales contacts or leads. Waving your hands while jumping up and down doesn’t grab searchers attention. Having a “storefront” with just the right appeal and information can make or break an online business.

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