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Digital Marketing Campaign Strategies

Creating an effective digital strategy shouldn’t be that difficult. Most of the marketing plans today are evolving around digital platforms, so the most marketing campaigns are digital at the moment.

Depending on the scale of your business, your digital marketing strategy might involve multiple digital strategies- each with different goals.  Don’t be mistaken, building a strategy can be difficult when you’re creating one. We can observe some of the popular strategies and their pros and cons!

So, let’s go -

GoPro Campaign

GoPro is now famous around the world, making POV (point-of-view) action footage all taken from a fisheye lens. You can use that most of the videos on youtube weren’t made by GoPro, but rather its users and fans.

GoPro has encouraged an entire fanbase to take fantastic footage of their adventures and post it online- often with credit back to GoPro. This ongoing campaign has helped GoPro to spread the word about their product line- the customers themselves create a lot of the content.


All you need is to hear “Geico” remember you can save 15% on your car insurance. But even with such a memorable campaign, you risk your attack exposing too often to the customers and making their campaign to long. That’s why Geico launched a series of pre-roll ads on YouTube that admit to the ad’s brevity in the videos themselves.

Preroll ads are a form paid content on YouTube wherein you pay YouTube to roll 15- to 20-second ads ahead of videos that have the same audience as the advertiser. Geico made a funny way of incorporating those ads.  They made fun of themselves for taking up your time in the first place.


Instagram for them isn’t just a culture play – it’s a purchase page. Using Instagram's product tags, they’ve made interiors on Instagram and tagged them with product and price labels. It’s a digital marketing campaign that shows people exactly item in the photo costs helping generate buyers right from the IG account.

Build your buyer personas

For any strategy, it’s essential to know who you’re marketing to. The best digital marketing strategies are built upon detailed buyer personas, and you need to create them.

Buyer persona represents your ideal customer. This process requires researching, surveying and interviewing your business’s target audience. You should gather your info based on real data. Making assumptions about audience can cause your marketing strategy go wrong. To get a rounded picture of your persona, your research pool should include a mixture of customers and prospects. Based on your product cost you should consider your audience.

Demographic Information

Location- you can use tools like Google Analytics to identify what position your website traffic is coming from quickly. 

Age- Depending on your business this can be relevant same as the gender.

Income-  It’s better to gather this kind of information of personal income in a research interview, cause people are unwilling to share it via online forms.

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