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Best ways to use Video Marketing

While 62% of Google searches include a video, nearly 4 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube. Faced with these numbers, hard to ignore the importance of this format for your content strategy. There are many ways to integrate video into your marketing content. Do you miss inspiration? Do not panic, today we reveal 6 ideas for using video in your content marketing.

To present its products

Thanks to video, you can more easily present your products. It is enough to stage them in the daily life of the user and to film it from all angles. The user can better analyze the product and project with, which will positively influence his purchase decision. For example, on its YouTube channel, Samsung offers videos for each of its devices. The characteristics of each product are imaged and are intended to make the user want to buy it.

To broadcast its storytelling campaign

Storytelling is the art of promoting a business or product with a story. It is a marketing method anchored in new consumer habits, which aims to convey emotion and to value values, rather than technical characteristics. There are many companies online that use storytelling very well, one of them is Axa, a French company that sells insurance services: with a touch of humor, the company subtly promotes its insurance services.

To educate your prospects

If you practice in a technical sector, the video can serve you to popularize your activity. With the help of a little playful clip where diagrams come to life, you have the opportunity to make understand concepts difficult to apprehend for the general public. Thales is an industry specializing in defense, aerospace, and security. An activity that speaks little to ordinary mortals! To popularize its services and make itself accessible to the general public, the company regularly offers animations to explain its new projects.

To offer tutorials

One of the strengths of a video is conveying useful information in a very visual way. It can be used as training so that your customers can fully use your products or services. Offer friendly tutorials so that your consumers can take full advantage of their purchases and increase their satisfaction! This will encourage them to become loyal and especially to recommend to their loved ones. Sephora uses this technique and offers her clients many tutorials to learn how to make up. The brand helps them to use the products offered in stores.

To see behind the scenes

Humanizing its contents remains a paying technique! Internet users like to benefit from exclusive content, which allows them to better understand the company. Why not give them a behind-the-scenes tour of your factory or office? Introduce them to the machines that make the items or teams that work on the development of your services. This helps to support their need for belonging and to strengthen their sympathy for your brand. For example, Airbus does not hesitate to show the interior of its hangars and the way the planes are assembled.

To interview employees

Finally, the latest format of videos that you can offer consists of expert interviews of your company. Let them express themselves on their job, expose their knowledge and their daily involvement in improving the product/service you offer. This type of video aims to humanize your communication, by presenting the employees of the company, while enhancing your know-how. In front of reliable experts, who demonstrate their knowledge of the market, prospects will immediately feel reassured about your professionalism. For example, Leroy Merlin lets his employees express themselves to present their job and their missions on a daily basis. It is a type of interview that also works very well to value its know-how and convey the values of the brand.


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