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Testimonial: Schenk & Podolsky


The Brand Agency was able to quickly and cost effectively design a new logo for our law firm and design a brand new website. We were able to choose from multiple prototype designs of our logo. Based on our personal preferences as well as the expert marketing and design advice of the Brand Agency we were able to select a logo that gives our firm a clean, professional, and modern look. The Brand Agency was able to take our new logo and build a brand new website that matches the logo’s look and feel giving our firm a cohesive and consistent image.

The Brand Agency was extremely easy to work with and flexible. They allowed our involvement to be as much or as little as we wanted. The Brand Agency did everything from designing the website to copywriting, always leaving final approval up to us. Our website looks as good as, or better than, some of the giants in our industry. I would recommend anyone looking for a new logo or website contact The Brand Agency.