How To Create an Effective Direct Mail Campaign

Is direct mail dead? One look in your mailbox and you will see that it is very much still alive. Why are people still using traditional mailers when they know so many consumers are online? The simple answer is because it works. Companies small and large use direct mail to reach consumers with their advertising messages. Direct mail offers marketers the opportunity to target a very specific audience within any budget.

direct mail

How do you make your direct mail piece stand out amongst all of the others? Below are five ways to ensure your direct mail pieces work hard for you.

  • Make it targeted. Rather than sending your message to every person on a random list, make your marketing dollars work more efficiently by sending your pieces to a carefully selected demographic. Remember, even the best mailing piece is useless in the wrong hands. Decide who you want to reach and how your message can appeal to them, then design your mailer accordingly.
  • Offer an incentive. Quality direct mail not only offers the reader useful information, but entices them with a deal that they cannot resist. Successful direct mail campaigns typically have either a coupon or promotion which adds value in the mind of the reader. Give the reader an offer they can’t refuse, and you will see optimal results.
  • Make it personal. With today’s sophisticated marketing software and digital printing, it is easier than ever to send personalized direct mail pieces. Unique pieces that catch the eye and stand out are much more likely to be read. Avoid overwhelming the reader with excessive content and focus on a single take home message.
  • Have a clear call-to-action. One of the most critical aspects of a successful campaign is a clearly stated call to action. Through your incentive or promotion, give readers a deadline or expiration date for the offer. Clearly state the next steps for the reader—don’t just leave them guessing. Creating this sense of urgency causes the reader to act quickly, rather than waiting.
  • Drive people to your website. Quality direct mail pieces are not cluttered with excessive content. If there is too much to read, readers will get overwhelmed and are less likely to look closely at your mailer. Create a clear and concise message and then reference your website where readers can go should they want more information. The purpose of the direct mail piece to entice the reader, not to provide a textbook of information.

Direct mail is here to stay. Although many consumers are online, direct mail is still effective in reach people across all demographics. Integrating a quality direct mail campaign into your marketing strategy will drive results and help grow your business.

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